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Welcome to Language Link China teacher training official website-the first Cambridge accredited teacher training centre in China.
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Language Link locations in China:

CELTA Beijing location:

Teacher Training Centre:

709 Inter-China Building, 33 Dengshikou Street, Dongcheng District , Beijing 100006

 CELTA Shanghai location:  

Teacher Training Centre:

F10,Room 1006, No.309, Yuyuan Road (conering Beijing West Rd), Jing'an District, Shanghai, China 


Tel:86-10-5169 5583(CELTA Beijing office)

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  • About Us
    Language Link was founded in London in 1975 and is one of the most successful English language training organizations worldwide.

    At the core of every Language Link school is the dedication to provide a comfortable and supportive study environment, where communication barriers can be effectively replaced by learner confidence and successful learning outcomes.

    At Language Link, we do our utmost to ensure that all our students enjoy a learning experience that is both truly rewarding and fully satisfying to them.
    Our commitment to academic standards has led to Language Link's approval as a teacher training centre for The University of Cambridge ESOL CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages) course as well as the TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test). From 2013, Language Link also offers the CELTA online, the Cambridge ESOL YL (Young Learners) Extension to CELTA and Cambridge ESOL ICELT (In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching) programmes.

    Language Link was established in Beijing in 1999 and is proud to have been the first and only full-time local provider of the Cambridge ESOL CELTA since 2004. As such we are fully licensed to invite and employ professional foreign expert trainers to China. An additional training centre was established in Shanghai in 2012.

    Language Link Beijing is an established oral test centre for the Trinity College London English language exams, and is in partnership with the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board. We offer examination preparation courses for IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication).


    Teacher Training: Cambridge ESOL CELTA (intensive and online courses), Cambridge ESOL YL Extension to CELTA, Cambridge ESOL TKT, Cambridge ESOL ICELT

    General English test preparation courses for Young Learners and adults: Cambridge ESOL KET, PET; Trinity Examinations; IELTS; TOEFL; TOEIC

    Business English test preparation courses: BEC, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board

  • Contact Us

    Language Link locations in China:

    CELTA Beijing location:

    Teacher Training Centre:

    709 Inter-China Building, 33 Dengshikou Street, Dongcheng District , Beijing 100006

     CELTA Shanghai location:  

    Teacher Training Centre:

    F10,Room 1006, No.309, Yuyuan Road (conering Beijing West Rd), Jing'an District, Shanghai, China 


    Tel:86-10-5169 5583(CELTA Beijing office)

    CELTA China Facebook:

    Language Link China Weibo:

    Find out more about Language Link China:

  • Meet Us

    Gerald Bagge (summarized in 512 words by Mathew)

    Meet the leader of the CELTA team at Language Link. His main role has been leading CELTA Courses and maintaining Language Link’s reputation as a quality CELTA course provider. There is a bit more to him than meets the eye. This is how he got here…

    Gerald was born in Switzerland; into a British family. Addicted to hot spices by the age of 11, his parents introduced him to Tabasco Sauce to keep him from eating up all the black pepper in the house. They were flabbergasted to find he loved that too. Even today he can be seen pulling out a jar of spicy lajiao to sprinkle over his food: “but not on a Big Mac… it’s perfect already!”

    Before going on to more serious study, Gerald landed his first job as a picker for a Ford dealership. “Not the most rewarding three years of my life.” Thereafter, he became more focused, but no happier, in a series of dead-end office jobs. On the bright side however, one company did have a branch overseas, giving him the chance to go abroad following a pipe dream— to work outdoors for the first time, repairing irrigation systems. He worked hard to immerse himself in the local language and culture. He was 23, and hooked—on travelling.

    Ever anxious to satisfy his wanderlust, the young Gerald first found joy in teaching. He enrolled in a C-TEFLA (the name of the CELTA back in the day) course. After a month of fun, Gerald fell in love with teaching English. He taught as many different classes as he could. As a man who has never really cared for phones, he found teaching English liberating: “Phones are a major distraction… but when you’re in the classroom, you can switch them off! He never said “no” to any teaching scenario. His motto was: “say ‘YES!’ when your boss asks you to take on a new class you know nothing about, “DON’T say no!”… Say ‘yes’ first, then panic later…

    The next time Gerald surfaced from this apprenticeship in teaching, it was the better part of four years later, and time to make an appearance on a DELTA course (D-TEFLA back then). Shortly after passing this three-month course of barefoot-over-burning-hot-coals agony, Gerald began focusing his career towards teacher training.

    Some career accomplishments include:

        co-founding an oligarchy of teacher trainer gurus in the New World;

        assessing other CELTA courses to ensure the inherent goodness of CELTA throughout the world;

        treading the halls of CambridgeESOL and living to tell the tale; and,

        attaining the status of Trainer of CELTA Trainers Extraordinaire.

    Gerald is not only an elite teacher trainer, he is also a professional:

        Writer of bucket lists that can never be completed in one lifetime;

        Helper of others who need bucket lists that can never be completed in one lifetime;

        Impromptu traveler;

        plodder of lesser known regions of the world on old, unloved bicycles—including a big, pink, Barbie bike in the USA; and,

        Speaker of a smattering of European languages and three smatters of Chinese.




    Anela Karic (Summarised in 503 words by Gerald)

    Anela was introduced to Language Link by Mathew, who met her in
    Barcelona. They were both working hard on their Trinity Dip TESOL at the time. She came to us as a teacher, as well as an assistant to the Academic Management team on a variety of Language Link primary and secondary school projects, before switching her focus to teacher training in 2017. Her broad range of teaching experience stretches from (very) young learners to adults.


    She enjoys being in China and working with people of all ages and age-groups here. When time permits, she is keen to explore other parts of the country, citing the Hanging Temple near Datong as a highlight to date. When not travelling, she enjoys the challenge of re-creating her favourite national dishes, using locally sourced ingredients. She has completed one painting, and would like to do some more. She also enjoys reading, of course……but more about that in the next section.


    Growing up in her region of ex-Yugoslavia, now Bosnia, Anela knew from the age of three that she wanted to be a teacher. She watched with envy as her older sisters headed off to school, and when they returned she would ‘borrow’ their school books to simulate mini classrooms. Since the age of eight, Anela has been hopelessly attracted to English, stating, as she does to this day, that it remains the most gentle-sounding language she has ever heard. Not knowing any English words initially was not a problem. She just made up her own words that sounded English. This lexicon sadly never made it to paper.


    Anela sees the words that make up the languages of the world as a pleasurable forest of discovery. With English as her main second-language focus initially, she has since branched out to learn other languages such as German, French and Spanish. Making the best of a traumatic period of her life and that of her country, she honed her language skills with the soldiers at the many check-points in war-torn Sarajevo. By the age of nineteen she was working on a local British army base as an interpreter. Anela long ago adopted English as her second mother tongue. She has English language exam experience from both sides, having completed a range of Cambridge Exams such as FCE, CAE, and later IELTS.  Listening to her, you will be hard pushed to detect any accent or flaw. She sounds like she’s from the UK, although she has only been there once, to an IATEFL conference.


    Meanwhile: with her sights set to have a career where she could use her languages, she continued working as a translator and interpreter in Sarajevo, until eventually fulfilling her dream to become an English teacher in the new millennium. She did this after completing her university degree exploring another pleasurable forest of words as an English Literature major. She went on to complete her CELTA in Sarajevo in 2009, and her DIP TESOL in Spain where…… (Return to top)….





    Ash Tien (Summarized in 510 words by Gerald)


    Ash is our local, Beijing born CELTA administrator. She operates out of the office next to the CELTA tutor HQ. The lack of clutter in the CELTA Administrator office suggests an organized mind, a key quality in this job.


    Ash has an organized mind.


    She coordinates the web pages for all regular Language Link CELTA courses in Beijing and Shanghai and helps to set up our intensive and online courses, as well as offshoot programmes in other cities such as Chengdu and Chongqing. Ash arranges tutoring staff, as well as course assessors. She is second only to Mr Qi when it comes to understanding the Chinese visa regulations, and guides overseas applicants through the procedures.


    As for the tutors ‘with only 10 words of Chinese’, Ash contributes her interpreting skills to arranging bookings of all kinds and dealing with difficult situations. During the courses she is invaluable to everybody – as she seems to have the magic touch when the need arises to revive the photocopier or printers, not to mention projectors and audio equipment in the classrooms.


    Arriving at Language Link in 2015, she spent a month sitting in almost complete silence studying every procedural manual and instruction book connected to CELTA – and seemed to teach herself to do everything without asking any questions. When she started communicating with us, we found that she could already speak good English. The level of English she is at now is much higher, thanks to the exposure to the language she has on a daily basis. She enjoys using English and has a lexicon of sophisticated vocabulary to impress you with.


    Initially she harbored no desire to become a language teacher herself, but recently she has started to express an interest in learning the tricks of the trade, and might even consider taking a CELTA course. She enjoys the administrative side of things, but also feels she wants to understand the teaching profession in order to be able to give advice to current and future candidates.


    We think this is very noble of her.


    Outside of her job, Ash leads an active and healthy lifestyle. She stopped eating meat some years ago. In 2016 she started training to be a marathon runner. She has now run 11 marathons – with her best time to date clocked in at 4 hours 2 minutes. That was in Wuxi. She has run in all weathers and temperatures, in other Chinese locations as far afield as Lanzhou and Xiamen. She has her sights set on international events too. When no marathons are available, she will settle for hill events and any running competition that tests her endurance.


    Ash has travel interests that take her away from crowded places and bring her closer to nature. She has been to Iceland and other Scandinavian destinations. She plans to explore wide areas of South America and wants to follow the migration paths of various animals across the plains of Tanzania and Kenya. She would also like to climb a Swiss alp or two.




    Vivian Ren (summarized in 500 words by Anela)


    You might meet Vivian via Skype or phone – as she is one of our main interviewers for the CELTA courses, a role she has performed for a number of years now.  Being a law graduate and thinking “outside the box” was definitely not a match made in heaven for Vivian! That is why she took a leap of faith (and adventure) by having the audacity to make a career shift and complete her CELTA with Language Link in Beijing. Soon after, she also successfully took her CELTYL course. Ever since, Vivian has been finding context and creativity in an environment less surreal than the numerous books of rules she studied in great detail in her university days.

    Although she lives for creativity and expressing ideas freely, Vivian supports structure and organization in language. Clear rules, predictable patterns and a potentially steady pace of progress are only a few of many reasons why she would love to have more free time and become a learner again. Of Japanese this time.

    Our “Hubei girl” with a passion for diversity in life models the spirit of exploring the word of international cuisine and travel to her 4-year old son. For one to be a mother with a full-time job in Beijing requires stamina and endurance, and she can surely tick that accomplishment off her to-do-list. Additionally though, she has recently taken up the most challenging of all athletic disciplines: long-distance running. Vivian also has the patience to tackle another exam of a lifetime: living in a large family. In order to provide the best care for her son, Vivian continuously teaches lessons in life with clear and specific aims:

    -      To convey (and verify) the true meaning of a fulfilled life by taking her son on journeys of sensory learning (although pizza and ice cream are their favourites), they expose their taste buds to new sensations embracing the joy of existence in simplicity;

    -      To look towards the future by reflecting on the past – observing historical documentaries - as we should always know where we came from.

    Nevertheless, routine still remains an important segment of her life. Having the same coffee with milk at the same time every morning gives her time to gather her calm and strength to carry her through her hectic days. Oh, yes! This is where two souls from two worlds apart met sharing their LOVE for coffee. Anela is another one of Language Link’s passionate coffee drinkers! Such a small world we live in. Just like Anela, Vivian dreams of visiting Japan. She would like to take her son on another adventure finding out how small a world this is on this planet of diversity. Enabling her son to learn with his heart and smell the cherry-blossom flowers raised with the love of sun, the mother of all life on earth.

    Profectus in lucem, as Vivian’s book of rules reads, we must be led by the light of our souls and follow the light of new endeavors!

Contact us:

Tel: 86-10-5169 5583(CELTA Beijing office)

Shanghai Office: Jing'an HQ Campus, SN Mandarin Chinese Language School and Chinese Courses Jing'an Shanghai F10,Room 1006, No.309, Yuyuan Road (on the corner of Wulu Muqi Road), Jing'an District, Shanghai, China

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Beijing Office: 709 InterChina Building,33 Dengshikou Street,DongCheng District BeiJing

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